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Welcome to the Savannah Kiwanis Club

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of children? Do you believe in dedicating your time to positive change in the Savannah community? If your answer is a resounding "Yes!", then you're in the right place. We warmly welcome you to the Savannah Kiwanis Club.


As a proud branch of Kiwanis International—a globally recognized organization with over 8,000 clubs and 300,000 members—we are dedicated to serving the children of the world, particularly those residing in Chatham County and surrounding Savannah areas.

Since our inception, the Savannah Kiwanis Club has been a beacon of hope for the children of Savannah. Through our dedicated efforts, we have successfully raised and allocated substantial funds and dedicated countless hours of service to uplift the younger generation. Our tireless commitment mirrors the broader vision of Kiwanis International, ensuring every child wakes up in a nurturing and supportive community.


Currently, our dynamic group consists of over 125 dedicated men and women. We gather every Tuesday at the iconic Pirates House, located within downtown Savannah, from 12:30 pm onwards.


These meetings are a blend of club updates & guest speakers who enlighten us on diverse topics ranging from Savannah's rich history to contemporary issues, arts, sports, literature, business insights, and various service opportunities.


Throughout the year, our club organizes and sponsors numerous events to champion our charitable endeavors. Additionally, these efforts are supplemented by year-round programs that consistently support our mission. Beyond fundraising, many of our members generously offer their time and skills as volunteers at numerous youth-focused organizations within Savannah.


If you're looking for an engaging, spirited community that values fun and camaraderie as much as service, the Savannah Kiwanis Club awaits you. To apply, complete an application & join us in experiencing the unparalleled joy of fellowship combined with the profound satisfaction of serving Savannah's children.

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