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Our Board

Our Board

Dedicated Leaders Driving Our Mission Forward

The Savannah Kiwanis Club's board is made up of dedicated individuals passionate about serving the children and community of Savannah. Each board member brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives that shape our club's strategies and actions. Together, they ensure that we remain true to our mission and continue making a positive impact.

Board President

Jordan B. Davis

  • Our board president leads by example, setting the tone for the club's efforts and direction. [First Name] has been a dedicated member of Kiwanis for [X years], and their leadership and vision have been instrumental in the club's growth and success.

  • Contact:

Vice President

Adriana Tatum-Howard

  • As Vice President, Adriana plays a crucial role in strategizing and ensuring the smooth execution of our projects. Their commitment to community service is evident in every initiative they lead.

  • Contact:


Steve Harris

  • Steve efficiently manages our club's records, ensuring transparency and smooth communication between board members and the larger Kiwanis community. Their attention to detail and organizational skills are invaluable.

  • Contact:


Jack Reese

  • Responsible for managing our club's financial health, [First Name] ensures that every dollar is used to maximum effect in serving the children and community of Savannah.

  • Contact:

Other Board Members

While the above roles are some of the primary positions, our board also comprises members who lead specific committees, projects, and initiatives. These individuals play a pivotal role in shaping our club's direction and ensuring our goals are met.

Want to Reach Out?

For general inquiries, suggestions, or if you're interested in collaborating with our club, please contact us. If you have specific questions for a board member, you can reach out to them directly using the provided contact details.

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