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The STAR Program

Celebrating Excellence in Chatham County Education

About the STAR Program


The STAR program, overseen by the Professional Association of Georgia Educators and initiated by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce in 1958, identifies top-performing seniors based on SAT scores and GPA rankings. Each STAR Student nominates a STAR Teacher, emphasizing the vital role educators play in academic success.

Continued Excellence

Participants in the local ceremony have the opportunity to compete at regional and state levels, representing Chatham County and showcasing the caliber of our local schools on a broader stage.


Thank you to Kinder Morgan for helping us sponsor the  2024 STAR (Student Teacher Achievement Recognition) Program event, where we proudly celebrated the highest achieving seniors and their most influential teachers from Chatham County's high schools.


This prestigious event recognizes those who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance and made significant contributions to their educational community.

'24 Event Highlights:


This year's event honored Emiline Baxter of Savannah Country Day School as Chatham County's STAR Student along with her STAR Teacher, AJ Goldman, and pairs from 19 other schools.


Each STAR Student and Teacher received a framed certificate during the ceremony, which also provided an opportunity for students to express gratitude and share their future aspirations.


The event was attended by over 100 community members, including students, parents, teachers, and school principals, highlighting the collective support and pride of our local education community.


Thanks to the generous support of sponsors like Kinder Morgan, the event continues to be a cornerstone of educational recognition in the region.

Congratulations to The '24 STAR Award Recipients!

Alfred Ely Beach High School

  • STAR Student: Arianna Truell

  • STAR Teacher: Beverly Lawton 

Benedictine Military School

  • STAR Student: Guy William Shearouse

  • STAR Teacher: Drew Schwalbe

Calvary Day School

  • STAR Student: Carson McCorvey

  • STAR Teacher: Ava Nelson

H.V. Jenkins High School

  • STAR Student: Allen Zheng

  • STAR Teacher: Mrs. Kristen Wilson

Islands High School

  • STAR Student: Branson James

  • STAR Teacher: Vanessa Routh

Memorial Day School

  • STAR Student: Jeremiah Toub

  • STAR Teacher: Jonathan Barnes

New Hampstead High School

  • STAR Student: Jadelyn Hunter

  • STAR Teacher: Delicia Worrill

Robert W. Groves High School

  • STAR Student: Ka’Leah Parker

  • STAR Teacher: LaVon Landy

Savannah Arts Academy

  • STAR Student: Lucca Radosavljevic

  • STAR Teacher: Joyce Chow

Savannah Christian Preparatory School

  • STAR Student: Sarah Hagan

  • STAR Teacher: Sean Vandenhouten

Savannah Classical Academy

  • STAR Student: William Zurcher

  • STAR Teacher: Shane Lucht

Savannah Early College High School

  • STAR Student: Aryaman Prasad

  • STAR Teacher: Antoinette Kavoori

St. Andrew's School

  • STAR Student: Gwyneth Solomon

  • STAR Teacher: Chloe Campbell

St. Vincent's Academy

  • STAR Student: Sophie Roach

  • STAR Teacher: Daniel Snope

School of Liberal Studies at Savannah High School

  • STAR Student: Kayden Grey

  • STAR Teacher: George Brown

Sol C. Johnson High School

  • STAR Student: Isabela Chabrier-Diaz

  • STAR Teacher: Natasha Grant

Veritas Academy

  • STAR Student: John Leithart

  • STAR Teacher: Sarah Locklear

Windsor Forest High School

  • STAR Student: Janki-Hiren Kumar Patel

  • STAR Teacher: Michele Hooker

Woodville-Tompkins High School

  • STAR Student: Kayin Myles

  • STAR Teacher: Alise Cremonini

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