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Driving Our Mission Through Specialized Teams

Our club’s strength doesn't just come from individual members but from our ability to work together in specialized groups. Our committees focus on distinct areas, ensuring that every aspect of our club's work is addressed with expertise, passion, and dedication.

Fundraising Committee

This committee is responsible for organizing, strategizing, and executing our fundraising events. Their innovative ideas and meticulous planning ensure we have the necessary funds to make a difference in the lives of children in Savannah and beyond.

Membership Engagement Committee

A vibrant and active membership is crucial to our club’s success. This committee focuses on member onboarding, engagement, and retention. They ensure our members feel valued, connected, and are provided opportunities for growth.

Community Outreach Committee

Building strong ties within our community is the goal of this committee. They liaise with local organizations, schools, and community groups, fostering partnerships that amplify our impact.

Events & Programs Committee

From planning our annual gala to organizing local service projects, this committee ensures that our events and programs run smoothly, are impactful, and resonate with our mission.

Communications & PR Committee

Communication is key. This team manages our website, newsletters, social media channels, and press relations, ensuring that our message is consistently and effectively reaching the wider community.

Youth Leadership & Mentorship Committee

Investing in the future means mentoring the youth of today. This committee runs programs that empower young leaders, fostering their growth and ensuring they have the guidance they need to thrive.

Join a Committee

If you’re passionate about a specific area of our club’s activities, consider joining a committee. It's a fantastic way to dive deeper, use your unique skills, and work closely with other dedicated Kiwanians. For inquiries about joining or collaborating with a committee, please contact us.

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